Payments. While I still think GOOG will be able to easily handle payments from “slick-train” vs “Travis Stein” (especially because they still know who you REALLY are) it creates a much different experience for the users/companies handling the purchases at the endpoints. There is a bit of a mental leap trusting Money + Anonymous versus Money + Real Name.


Ever since Google launched its new Google+ social network, we and others have pointed out that the search giant clearly has more in mind than just providing a nice place for people to share photos of their pets. For one thing, Google needs to tap into the “social signals” that people provide through networks like Facebook so it can improve its search results. But there’s a larger motive as well: as chairman and former CEO Eric Schmidt admitted in an interview in Edinburgh over the weekend, Google is taking a hard line on the real-name issue because it sees Google+ as an “identity service” or platform on which it can build other products.

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