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Studio 400, “White” Installation. 80,000 square feet of plastic sheeting was sliced, loomed, woven, stapled, taped and tied to provide a climbable and malleable surface in the 4,500 square foot gallery. (via)

Road Trip. Peel Back.

Measurement Suggestions.

Measurement Suggestions.


Berg Explores The Future Of Touchable Movies

We think of movies as linear progressions. It’s generally a story with a beginning, middle, and end—and it’s always something we consume from start to finish. Timo Arnall of Berg shows us all just how dated this view of video has become. In a project for Bonnier and Mag+, which I’ve dubbed “cinema glass,” he turns a movie into a swipeable, interactive entity on a tablet. And I don’t just mean that you can pause it or fast forward in some clever way. I mean, 2-D frames combine to become something that feels different than anything we’ve seen before.

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"7. Understand context
We’re not designing for a screen, we’re designing for people. We need to think hard about the context in which they’re using our services. Are they in a library? Are they on a phone? Are they only really familiar with Facebook? Have they never used the web before?"

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CMYRGB by Anthony Antonellis is a series of 24 gradient color combinations which exist simultaneously as digital files and physical objects. The digital versions are looping 3 second GIF animations, while the physical counterparts are lenticular prints suspended in Lucite enclosures. The gradient palette is based on the subtractive and additive color systems cyan-magenta-yellow and red-green-blue.

The complete series will be on view in London at the exhibition Responsive Eyes at Jacob’s Island Gallery, 15 March - 15 May 2012.

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Initial. Report. Solution.

Ruined Polaroids 

Series created by William Miller - more here

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